6 notes for a well-designed bathroom

Badezimmer - 6 notes for a well-designed bathroom

6 Notes for a well-designed bathroom

An essential part of the design is how we mix objects with different sizes, weights, proportions and patterns. Architects use the measure of interest and balance to create. Check out the following six rooms bathroom and read our reviews. Exposure

Enjoy similar shapes of different sizes

Bodenfliesen - 6 notes for a well-designed bathroom Similar forms - for example, rectangles and squares or circles and hexagons - different sizes are interesting and move the ball eyes in the room. Unlike most of the bathrooms, where the typical rectangular and square tiles, the bathroom has circular elements - hexagonal tiles, round mirror and round bath mat. You have a fun and minimalist. White hexagonal tiles on the walls, floor and vanity make larger and brighter room. Play with a material Fliesen - 6 notes for a well-designed bathroom

The choice of material for the color of your bathroom harmonizes the elements of a pleasing appearance. Here's a good example of the application of a main material for a feeling of calm. The large 30 x 60 cm tiles reduce the amount of grout lines and space seems extensive. The simplicity of a material due to the presence of the artwork in the room - the head of an ox money - really impressive use different sizes and shapes of materials and furniture. 6 notes for a well-designed bathroom The conversion between the sizes of furniture and materials combines the different parts of the area in various ways. There are many examples of this conventional bathroom scale. The size of the floor to ceiling changes, with basket weave tile on the floor tiles for the average metro paneling and large wall dry lining the ceiling. The window design is combined with the model and the proportion with matted floor tiles. And because the ceiling is very high, the dresser top wood is next to the tub in the right place - it connects the space from floor to ceiling collections form. 6 notes for a well-designed bathroom Grouped objects of the same measure rhythm and variety. Do not forget the relationship between wall and vanity in the bathroom. Since the mirror and the table of the table are of the same width, the wall has to have the same width. Instead of a large horizontal lighting, the designer used a collection of three lights on the mirror, so that the pace and power of the number three are there. When you work with a material you use different sizes 6 notes for a well-designed bathroom The wooden planks on the floor and the wall in this beautiful barn rooms and bathrooms are in size, the boards of the pool wall are narrower and Bretten ceiling between the rafters are always different. The application of the same material in different sizes - with a gimmick measure - did this just beautiful bathroom use contrasting forms. 6 notes for a well-designed bathroom Sometimes the application of the same shape can bring harmony and sometimes the application of various forms can provide a good contrast. In creating this small white tiles floor bathroom black ceramic contrasted with the wall tiles 10cm by 10 diamonds. The wall can impress in the black-white palette. We want to see your results as gadget. About At the ends of your photos as a comment below 6 notes for a well-designed bathroom Ultra Modern Bathroom Design 6 notes for a well-designed bathroom Shades of gray in the bathroom 6 notes for a well-designed bathroom

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