5 inspiring decorating ideas for the patio

Although the summer season is relatively short for us in Quebec, on balconies, terraces and patios, we see a variety of decorating ideas inspired by trends in interior design. Here are 5 deco inspiration to organize your patio this summer.

1 Outdoor Rugs

Usually synonymous with the interior carpets are now found in the backyard. Make mildew resistant and weather-resistant materials, these rugs have the effect of various visual areas in landscaping in addition to making it more inviting and "homey" setting. These rugs are easy to maintain, but it is still recommended that you do not let them out when the autumn comes. Outside - 5 inspiring decorating ideas for the patio Source: Sunset

Decorating Ideas

2 curtains

The curtains: Another trend in interior decoration borrowed. They now find themselves under pergolas, terraces and covered galleries. If you like the idea, choose a fabric for outdoor use and resistant to sunlight, rain and mold developed. The curtains are perfect for creating privacy and excellence screen consist discretion. decorating ideas - 5 inspiring decorating ideas for the patio Source: Centsational Girl

Decorating Ideas

3 matching cushions

The benches are popular for outdoor decoration, especially when decorated with pillows colors and textures bohemian / gypsy Middle East. A wide selection of outdoor fabrics are now available in stores, but if one you like them, you can apply to substances in the interior made to decide, taking into account that you enter and leave your pillow morning to evening. In addition, they are more susceptible to UV rays. But who cares, if the look is so successful, we can compromise, is not it? Patio - 5 inspiring decorating ideas for the patio

Source: Tyson & Billie

Decorating Ideas

4 Benches

If the cushions are in vogue, it still needs a bench on which the file. To open or roof, treated wood, old barn wood or plastic rattan sky covered with a part, the benches come in all sorts of shapes to your patio, meet, regardless of their size. Design Trends - 5 inspiring decorating ideas for the patio Source: Erin Ever After

Decorating Ideas

5 Rich colors

The latter trend found currently Deco patio is something less tangible. Indeed, it is in the selection of colors that are. Trends of previous years by After a few seasons of white, gray and cream, now we see the return of the rich, like red, turquoise, violet, emerald green and even saturated black. Stylish and sophisticated, these colors, the range of intimate and enveloping conversation in an environment that is still open to the stars are. We love, we love it! Terrace - 5 inspiring decorating ideas for the patio Source: Lengthy Garden

Decorating Ideas

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