5 in 1 socket of Relogic

Gadgets - 5 in 1 socket of Relogic

Hidden outlet special, but functional

Keep organized and secure your electrical connections by removing the superfluous! Relogic invented this simple system for connections. You do not have to look electric multiplier. Keep it simple with a single button! If you press the top of the socket, place the rest of the body freely and outputs, which are hidden in the wall. Drag it back if you need additional power sockets. Exposure

5 in 1 taking Relogic
practical and aesthetic creation

5 in 1 socket of Relogic Whimsical display insertion required for each home 5 in 1 socket of Relogic

Keep your home clean and organized
5 in 1 socket of Relogic By simply pressing a button, you still get 4 additional outputs 5 in 1 socket of Relogic Established in technology innovation Relogic
5 in 1 socket of Relogic We all know you need something at home that makes it easier and keep order in everyday life know. Forget all the traditional outdated methods, which you use electricity efficiently and select taking Relogic presented here ..

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