15 cozy bedrooms

Fall is here, and you just want to stay in bed? This cozy room where you want to stay to stay, to warm up ... Fall fashion - 15 cozy bedrooms The warmth of wood Now, the trend of the hanging skulls and animal heads, we are really not sure ... But if we ignore this detail, everything loads in this room cocooning. Remember wood grain to the natural, warm colors, the carpet, the basket welcomes your discarded packaging ... Credit: Crate & Barrel Room - 15 cozy bedrooms The prints black, white and red: an unbeatable combination to add punch and in a good mood in the gray days. We particularly like the abundance of pillows and cushions, which should ... make it as comfortable bed Credit: Zara Home Trends in 2013 - 15 cozy bedrooms

Coffee Cream There is something relaxing in this room, so rich coffee color and the cream mixes instantly. Who would have thought that Brown could be so chic? Photo: Apartment Therapy 15 cozy bedrooms Light! Very inspiring This bright room steamed with pink walls. The four poster bed adds texture and interest, and want to laze the combination of textures (quilt top, satin pillows, fur rugs ...) really makes you. Photo: Apartment Therapy 15 cozy bedrooms Single dose of vitamins, but very attractive, the establishment of this room: the orange vitamin, an autumn landscape, a beautiful night tablet carved directly into a block of wood, a subtle inspiration -by tribal pressure of the headboard and pillows as well as the basket rattan storage .. . Photo: Design Sponge 15 cozy bedrooms A dramatic black wall and frame the white color headboard acts: a very dramatic and sophisticated look. Black is definitely not for everyone, but it works well here, as it is balanced by the white light from the window. Bouquet brightens a little while. Photo credit: style at home 15 cozy bedrooms For Mr. A room a little more masculine, with lots of storage space. We love the fact that the bed in the middle seems to be the cabinets and shelves is embedded, as if it was a "little hideaway" for us. Another interesting: mixing patterns, warm and harmonious, despite the different colors and patterns. Photo credit: style at home 15 cozy bedrooms The padded headboard Celadon, this gives a very comfortable room air mixture 2 soothing tones: beige and celadon. We love the two-tone curtains. Photo credit: New England Home 15 cozy bedrooms At the foot of the hearth height ceiling, chandelier, couch, fireplace, rustic charm ... Who would not like to sleep in this room? Credit: Pinterest 15 cozy bedrooms This rich textiles are textiles to make this inviting place ... When autumn comes to the nature in our room (the green, floral and plants printed ...) it is not a good idea to vote to discuss photo : Lovely cluster 15 cozy bedrooms In memory of the cozy beach More than that, it would be difficult ... walls white wood slat headboard sisal, be a library area, if you like reading in bed, fabric color "Sand" and "sea" ... We thought somewhere on the east coast of the United States, in a house on the beach. To remember the holidays! Credit: Garnet Hill 15 cozy bedrooms The sanctuary you have a room that you will completely fall out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Here is a shrine room, almost all white, with only a few colors (beige and yellow) used sparingly. The carpet really does want to go barefoot. Credit: Melissa Mercier 15 cozy bedrooms An adorable vintage Scandinavian-inspired space, with lots of details "vintage". Mirror for adding light (different, but are unified by their rectangular shape). And the coffee is to sleep already! Photo credit: Elections Stockholm 15 cozy bedrooms No knitting grandma! A simple room, but also cheerful, whose heat comes mainly from the use of wool. A very popular material for the bedroom, but that might have an interest in more and more! A good example of knitting "in fashion." Credit: Pinterest 15 cozy bedrooms Chevron notes that dark walls does not necessarily mean a dark room ... This view contains herringbone pattern, which is very trendy right now. We particularly like the keys of the old Rose. Credit: Benjamin Moore

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