10 easy DIY ideas for the weekend

Dekoideen - 10 easy DIY ideas for the weekend

Interior effortlessly convert and investment money

You have time, but no hobbies? Then you have chosen the right article because we have prepared some new craft ideas that are very interesting and very simple to implement. Even a small change in your home can completely change the overall design of the interior. You do not need a lot of money for our projects. But by your imagination, creativity and original thinking is required. The leisure of this weekend is the perfect time to start. Exposure

Simple DIY ideas can meet your time wisely

DIY - Do it yourself - 10 easy DIY ideas for the weekend Exposure   Let's start with the mural! For this project, we need Washi tape, scissors, a model and a normal band. Cut out the template already printed and attached to the wall with normal band! Then describe Washi tape! Drag your model to the next location and repeat everything! Was easy, right? Decorate plates and cups DIY Deko - 10 easy DIY ideas for the weekend

With the help of only a Sharpie permanent marker, you can implement many creative projects, such as decorative plates and cups. First, you clean the bowl, cup or plate, then paint what you want, and cook at the end of the dish for 30 minutes in the oven. Gurtübertopf suspended 10 easy DIY ideas for the weekend Two straps, a bottle of juice, plants and stones are the materials in your list for this idea. You must remove the label and measure the belts. The strap must be linked to each other, the other from bottom to top. Designate where you intend to drill holes. Now the materials you listed at the beginning may come into use. Finally, you just need to find a suitable place for your work. Paint pots 10 easy DIY ideas for the weekend We can achieve a lot of good pots craft ideas. Why not place a vase? Select an acrylic paint and pour a little in the glass, turning so that the paint can cover evenly everywhere. Place the pot with the side of his mouth down on a piece of paper, leave for 20 minutes, then turn to the side of the mouth up, then let it dry over night brass frame. 10 easy DIY ideas for the weekend A new idea would give the house a new look for the frame. Prepare tape and gold spray paint. Spray paint on the tape, let dry and the name of the frame with a pencil! Then you can update the corners of the frame with a desired color. Customize the pot of gold leaf coverage 10 easy DIY ideas for the weekend Paint the pots with acrylic paint. Let them dry and split the desired site with Washi tape. Later, apply a thin layer of glue and attach gold leaf. Place the food in an array of school 10 easy DIY ideas for the weekend Here you are a china plate, tape, blackboard paint, brush and use an oven. Brush the plate, mark the corners of the plate with tape and apply the paint table. Remove the tape and let the paint dry for 24 hours. Bake as if inside your favorite dish waiting for you. Tinker Seilvase 10 easy DIY ideas for the weekend When you use the string, glue and boxes, you can make your beautiful tinker Seilvase. Brush the box and remove the label. Apply glue to one end of the rope and attach it to the can body. Start firmly wrap the string around the box until you reach the top. Cut the string and glue the ends of the box. Glühbirnenvase 10 easy DIY ideas for the weekend We recently received the best part. First, release the lower part of the bulb and remove the glass tube and wiring. Everything you need, flowers, water and decoration are tasty. I would now like you will be asked A. "Do you have a hobby?" "Yes!". Right?

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