Volunteering In Sports

Sports Coaching Placement in Ghana

Help Foster Local Sporting Talent in Accra

Basketball Coaching in Ghana

Coach Basketball to Children in Ghana.

Sport and Community Development Project in Kenya

Volunteer for Sport and Community Outreach Program in Kenya

Help out at a Local Skate Ramp for Children in Peru

Volunteer at a Local Skate Ramp in the Hills of Huanchaco, Peru

Volleyball Coaching in Ghana

Coach Volleyball to Children in Ghana.

Helping out at surf school that support local children

Teach Surf to Underprivileged Children

Sports Coaching Project

Volunteer to Teach Sport in Ghana

Coaching Sports Project

Coaching to Help with Child Development

Sport 4 Life Program

Sport 4 Life Provides Opportunities for Sport in Communities

Dance Project for Human Rights Awareness

Use Dance as Medium to Affect Change in Communities