Listing Volunteer Opportunities in Peru

Boy's LitClub Coordinator – Las Lomas, Peru

Work With A Local Teacher To Coordinate With LitWorld in New York

Environmental Co-ordinator

Lead Our Initiative to Protect the Oceans, Beaches and Marine Life of Peru

Working With Chidren at a Kindergarten

Assist Local Children with Their learning in Peru

Working at a Dog Shelter

Help Feed, Groom, Wash and Walk Abandoned Animals in Peru

Eco Yoga Farm – Eco Village Project

Eco Yoga Farm ( Learn by helping our beautiful farm) Learn Yoga and Art

HELP English in Huanchaco

Teach English in Community Libraries in Peru

Help Make FairTrade Postcards with Children

Teach Children Photography Skills in Peru

Children’s Home and Farming Project

Volunteer in a Children’s Home in Rodriguez de Mendoza, Peru

Volunteer as Support Teacher with Kids in Peru

Supporting Local Teaching Staff at our Partner School in Cotahuasi Canyon

Teaching English

Teach English to Kids Aged 6-17 in After School and Weekend Programs