Listing Volunteer Opportunities in India

Teach English to Street Children with iSpiice

Teach English and Provide Care to Street Children

Non-medical Publication on Muscular Dystrophy (MD)

Author a Publication on the Socio-Economic & Cultural Issues of MD

Awareness Generation Programs in Puducherry, India

Empower a Community with Awareness Talks

Chronical the Life of a Child with Muscular Dystrophy

Author a Biography of a Child that Suffered from Muscular Dystrophy

Women Empowerment Project

Teach Women English and Computer Studies in India

Volunteer to work with school children

English skills to Children ( 3 – 13 years age) or Basic computer education

Teaching Project in New Delhi

Teach Various Subjects at a School in New Delhi

Web Developer for Small Indian Non-Profit

Help Promote RUCHI Projects Through Web Development

Care for Underprivileged Children

Nurse and Care for Impoverished Children

Develop Fund Raising Strategies for MDF India

Implement Fund Raising Strategies for a Muscular Dystrophy Charity