Volunteering For Health

Medical/Nursing Volunteers Needed

Medical/Nursing Volunteers Needed in New Senchi Clinic

Volunteer with Children with Disabilities

Volunteer Alongside Our Team with Disabled Children in Uganda.

Empower the Elderly Project

Volunteer to Help Empower The Elderly and their Carers

Health Programs in Uganda

Help Set Up a Health Centre for Less Privileged People

Elderly Care Project

Care for the elderly in Ghana

HIV/AIDS Awareness Project in Kenya

Volunteer as a Home Based Care Worker for HIV Patients in Kenya

Elderly Care Project in the Kibera Slums, Nairobi

Help Support Elderly Self Help Group in the Slums of Kenya

Teach Special Needs Children in Tanzania

Help Teach Students with Mental and Physical Disabilities

Mosaic Community Services Employment Aide

Improve community by providing vocational support to clients for success.

Medical Placement

Volunteer in a Hospital, Clinic or Community Health Centre