Girls Rescue Centre Project

Volunteer in a Centre for Girls Rescued from FGM and Early Marriages
Girls Rescue Centre ProjectVolunteer in a project that rescues girls from the Maasai community who are at risk of undergoing Female Genital Mutilation and subsequent early marriages. The centre provides rescue, care and education to the disadvantaged girls.
Cost includes; Accommodation, Food, Airport transfers, Transfer to project,
You will be accommodated in a host family within the centre where you will be able to interact with the kids. You will have private room with electricity but shared bathroom with other family members and a flushing toilet.
Qualifications requirements
No qualifications required. Skills requirements
Teaching skills in English, science, maths or arts. Mentoring and Counselling also appreciated.  Physical fitness requirements
Physical fitness is not mandatory but since it involves working with kids one need to be in good health. Compulsory languages
English Minimum age
18 Maximum age
In a typical day
You will be volunteering from Mondays to Fridays alternate Saturdays with Sundays being optional. Work both in classes and other duties starts at 8am with a tea break of 30 minutes at 10:30 am and lunch from 1-2 pm. Work ends at 4 pm or 5pm

Map for Nairobi, Kenya

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