Listing Volunteer Opportunities in Ecuador

Wild Animal Rescue Centre

Volunteer with a Wild Animal Rescue Centre in the Amazon

Project for Children with Disabilities

Volunteer work with Disabled Children

Child Care Volunteer Project in South America

Volunteer with Street Children and Orphanages and Centre’s in Equador

Galapagos Restoration Project

Reforestation and organic farm in Galapagos

Conservation Placement in the Amazon

Volunteer in Conservation and Community in the Amazon

Medicine/ Health Volunteer Project

Volunteer at a Hospital in Ecuador

Volunteer to Teach Children in Ecuador

Help the Children, the Community and the Environment.

Law & Legal Aid Project in South America

Law / Legal Aid Volunteer Project in Ecuador

Volunteer With Children

Care for Disadvantaged Children in Ecuador

Fundraising volunteer at the Sol Y Vida Foundation in Quito Ecuador

The Sol Y Vida Foundation currently supports approximately 40 children, at a time, that have cancerous tumours, by financing chemo and radiology therapy. Children from all areas in Ecuador are referred to them, by the national children’s hospital and most of them are less than ...